Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Tooth Fairy's entrance...

Monday, my little snaggle tooth (a.k.a. "Josh") lost yet another tooth. OK, he didn't "LOSE" it, he yanked it out, leaving a bloody tissue on my bathroom vanity but that's another story in itself... and the day he chose to yank his pearly white out was a particularly bad day for me. You see, I had spent the better part of two hours making a 53 page book online. I was sorting through a year's worth of photos - carefully selecting just the right ones, cropping them, enhancing them, making them fantabulous... I clicked "save photobook"... and the computer froze. I lost the entire book -- THANKS SNAPFISH for your great "save" feature... IT SUCKS!

Yes, I dropped a few choice words (not within earshot of little ones) but if you were in eavesdropping on my brainwaves, the "f" bomb would have been stuck on eternal repeat. I was devestated. Two hours of my life I just can't get back and it's gone with nothing to show for it but a headache froms taring at the computer monitor that long.

So... toss it up to "get over it"... and I make dinner. Josh yanks his tooth. We eat. Boys to bed. Back to work I go... I did it in less time the second time around because I basically knew what I wanted and just needed to go for it. And "git 'er dun!" AND I DID! And in record time, I must admit. However, in delighting in this success, I just went to bed.... and I totally FORGOT about the tooth! Yes, the tooth fairy failed.

Josh came downstairs Tuesday morning and said, "mom, the tooth fairy forgot again" (yes, notice he said "again" Ok,I'll admit it, I like my sleep -- waiting to insure that a kid is sound asleep so that you can take teeth to leave money isn't high on my priority list but... so... UGH... yes, I had forgotten ONE other time... yee gads, the pressure of being a parent!)

I tried to reassuringly say, "Oh honey, I'm so sorry. I forgot you'd lost your tooth and I'd set the alarm last night. She probably didn't come because I had the alarm set on the house. Remind me not to set it tonight so that she can come."

So... Tuesday night comes and I DONT forget (I think I deserve a cookie or something) I creep into his room... I sprinkle my fairy dust (i have some irridescent confetti that I leave for tooth fairy dust on his pillow or near wherever he has his tooth pillow that he made), take the tooth, deposit the cash and head for the door.

Wednesday morning, he's in a great mood becaues she came -- he tries to tell me that "she came, but I didn't check the pillow yet"... yeah right! Whatever kid, that's like trying to say that you just walked passed the Christmas tree without noticing the goods Santa left... in your dreams!

So fast forward to tonight... I am in Josh's room giving him a goodnight hug and he...totally out of the blue says, "Mom, I know how the tooth fairy gets in"

Kind of taken by surprise, I just smile and say, "oh really... where"

"the toilet" he gushes...

I immediately start to laugh uncontrollably... he smirks and says, "sometimes you can be so mean" (meaning that he doesn't like that I'm laughing at what he said. He was dead serious. Unfortunatley, it's one of those moments that I simply cannot control it no matter how hard I try. I simply can't quit laughing because that is just the most insane things I'd heard -- ever!

Trying to regain my composure... he smirks kind of realizing how ridiculous that was (I'm HOPING) and I just say, "why in the world would you think that"

He replies, "because I got up to go to the bathroom, and there is fairy dust all over the toilet seat."

"mmmmm-hmmmmm" I say. "Don't you think perhaps that's there because you mayhave gotten up to use the restroom after she came and you just had some on you that then fell to the toilet bowl?"

"Oh no, I didn't go... so that's how she got in."

"Josh, do you realize what goes DOWN that toilet? Do you really want someone coming up out of it... and leaving you something they brought with them?"

freakin... ewwwww..

I don't think he had thought of that. :)

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