Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holiday Happiness

I love children's Christmas programs. I think it's so sad that because of all the political B.S. (is there ANY other way to put it) how the 3% of the population that don't believe get their way... and now public schools have no Christmas anything anymore... UGH.... ok, sorry, I digress. The public education system is a complete joke and worthy of a blog of its very own... so let's go to a new paragraph.

You hear these beautiful, innocent, angelic voices raised in worship to this magnificent King of Kings born in the most humble of locations... Christmas programs, of any sort, just move my heart... move my very soul. When you think of what a magical night it is that we celebrate -- but I can't even imagine what kind of night it was for Mary -- giving birth to a baby ... in the cold stable. Ugh. The songs, being sung by voices that have yet to be tarnished by the P.C. world, just moves me to tears... because it's that innocenct belief that we should be so lucky to possess.

Anyway... so I was at Drew's school for his school's Holiday Share Time. :) (Christmas program). As the auditorium filled with the clases one by one, parents filled the aisles snapping tons of pictures... :) Drew wouldn't be left out of that group... I love the candid shot of he and Austin -- they would turn into the stars of the show. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket The first class of 3 year olds went up to sing (they really should have had huge microphones hanging over the little choir area so that you could actually HEAR the children sing without straining your ears like you're trying to hear some little no-see-um do a thirty-minute monologue). It was so adorable and it left me wanting to hear my little man up there singing his heart out. So, after the first class was up and down, it was time for Drew's class. They rose from their pew and started approaching the front of the sanctuary risers. He stepped up on the first step. He stepped up on the second riser.

Um excuse me... does anyone notice my son -- the little Mr. Drew... is heading to the top riser? There has to be some mistake... excuse me, anyone with a brain? What is Drew doing on the TOP RISER? This has E.R. visit written all over it...and surely if he's going down, he'll be taking someone with him.

....They sang "God is So Good", Jolly Old St. Nicholas and Jingle Bells. OK... well, his CLASS was SUPPOSED to sing those.... I think, collectively, he may have sung one song. He and his buddy Austin were haming it up on the top tier of the risers. It was quite the show... Drew wasn't engaging in the songs, but he was paying attention until his little partner in crime (Austin -- his best friend in class) would poke him and motion like - "look at me"... Drew would look away and he'd get more poke, poke, poke, prod... I was wondering when Drew was going to deck him and I am SO thankful that he didn't. After their 3rd song, Drew finally did some major arm action and you hear this wave of laughter roll through the audience. :) Yes, I was so proud... that I got it on video to hold over him later in life! :) One of these days I WILL find out how to get that up on here. :)

Once their class was finished with their third song, they sat down and then wait for one other class to sing and then all 3 classes came up to sing one last song together. They were smart here, Drew was at the BOTTOM on the left (yes, that's him with the shoes so white they look perhaps liek they're radioactive or something). Just to answer your question, no, they don't come with a battery. :) See..someone heard me... I used the Jedi Mommy Mind Trick. :)Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Then that's when the true wait had begun - the had to wait for 3 more classes to do their songs and their collective song before the whole shin dig was over. And boy did Drew get bored... the pew he was originally seated in was teacher - child - child - drew - child - child ... then it was teacher - drew - child - child ... then it was drew - teacher - child - child .... LOL and when he got bored, yes... he got bored. Bored like watching paint dry or trying to read a foreign language dictionary can barely make out his little arm hanging over the pew and his little head laying on his arm for support. I just thought this picture is so typical of kids in church... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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