Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Peter Cottontail Came to Town...

And I thought you'd like to see the madness that ensued...

These are my adorable little boys when asked to sit together and let me take a photo. Don't be surprised to see this as our Christmas card photo this year. ;) I like this THAT much! ha ha... captures the true essence of my little men


Then they did cooperate for a better one... still with bucket headss though.

Before "the hunt" poor little Drew went into yet another one of his coughing fits (he's been sick for like... EVER!) We just can't seem to shake the cold at this house. He was coughing so hard that his eyes were watering. It was so sad.

They completed the hunt (not exciting photos there... we all know what kids look like when they're looking for eggs.)

I WAS actually able to get photos taken of me with my kids! :) WOW... I was excited. :) Now, granted, I STILL couldn't get a picture with BOTH of them. But hey, at this point in time, I won't be picky!


Then, of course, the fights broke out (Silly String fights, that is)



Drew posed for a few shots (we love making faces now)


Josh loved his stuffed Peep (isn't it cute?)

Me and dad...

and last, but certainly not least, Drew broke into the basket the Easter Bunny got him -- a pirate's themed basket... and he was running around saying "arg" for the rest of the day. This is before the earring and eyepatch.



janet said...

All the pictures are so great! I love the ones with the buckets on their heads! Fun! The ones of you with your sons is so cute...I didn't get any of me and my kids.

The Mosy Scrapper said...

Love the 1st pix...Drew is too funny!! I think the pix would make an excellent Xmas card!!

Greta said...

hahahahaha girl those pics are fabulous of the boys....they cracked me up...

nice to meet you...i came over from bad girls...

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!
You look so pretty in with your boys, April. Great pictures!!

MaryC said...

Boy, you have a lot of hair!
Great hair, btw.