Sunday, March 9, 2008

So how'd you spend your weekend?

I was supposed to take Josh camping Saturday morning and stay Saturday night and come home Sunday but a great guy, fellow Scouter and one great leader passed away of a heart attack and I felt compelled to go to his memorial service rather than spend my day frolicking around in the woods. The memorial service was a great one - standing room only - tons of Scouts... he was just a wonderful man... Tom Bolerjack. I hope that when my time comes that I have impacted as many lives as this man... to be as humble as he was and to do all he did, it just has to be a God thing.

I got tagged in the eye today with one of those stupid freakin super bouncy balls... it was an accident but it happened about 5 hours ago and my eye still freakin hurts. It got me RIGHT smack dab in the middle of the left eyeball.

I took Josh to Michaels to buy some canvas board and some oil pastels because he wanted to use those for his art project that goes hand in hand with his mountain gorilla research project. His lovely attitude, however, his wonderful self-defeating "I can't do this" "I want a new one" "I want to start over" bull $hit just DRIVES ME NUTS though. He wont even TRY. Where can I just BUY this kid some freakin self confidence. I'm ready to just check his little butt into the wall right now... picked up some Cotton Patch on the way home (love good ole home cookin type food because I won't fry anything) so chicken fried chicken with gravy and smashed potatoes.... mmmmmmm. Doesn't it just make you hungry?

While at Michael's, I did go eyeball the punches because I'm wanting those Marvy punches but they had absolutely no scalloped punches. :( One of these days... I'll break down and just buy one of each. They have all their punches for 30% off right now... so perhaps they were already bought out (much like Hobby Lobby when they put their adhesive at 40 or 50% off -- it's always all gone by the 2nd day of the sale).

I need to get in my scrap room today and just get busy and make me some beautiful STUFF but I need to find my scrappin' mojo. Send me some... :)

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