Monday, March 31, 2008

Dont you love hypocrites?

Yeah, me too... they're right up there with hemmerhoids, flat tires, aemobic dyssentery, you get the pictures.

My neice is having her first communion so I posted a comment to a mom's on-line message board so that I could get some ideas a) what it's all about... b) are you supposed to send gifts... c) insight b/c I'm not Catholic.

My request for information basically said that I wasn't Catholic nor did I ever intend to be so spending hours on research behind all the ceremonial aspects of all their "things" wasn't something I was prepared to do so I'd rather ask those that are in the know to enlighten me... My neice is having her first communion.. what's the deal with the child/bride dresses... is it called a service... ceremony...?? is there a special term for it... ??? etc. etc. etc.

And pardon my frankness but some witch writes back: I found this request incredibly offensive, and no, I am not a hardcore Catholic. The 1st Communion is considered a sacrament (sacred); the first time a child is old enough to understand the meaning of Mass (celebrating the Last Supper and all that Jesus' sacrifice means to us) and partaking of it. Normally children are gifted with something of a religious nature like a cross or Bible, but please, send nothing. Your disdain for the worlds largest Christian religion is obvious and you would not want to be hypocritical, I'm sure.

And honestly, I WANTED to respond back with:

a) gee, you're obviously a religious person... forgive me!

or b) let thee who is without sin cast the first stone ...

or perhaps even c) and I'm sure sarcasm loaded with contempt is highly favored in the eyes of Jesus...

LOL.. but I didn't... I wasn't going to give her the time of day. But what I will do is pray for her because she obviously doesn't have an ounce of compassion.


Stamp Your Art Out said...

I am soooo sorry! Not everyone is like that but the ones that are sure can leave a bad taste in your mouth. How RUDE!

Big hugs,

janet said...

I'm impressed...I would have e-mailed the you-know-what back!!! LOL! I'm catholic and I wasn't offended by your questions. But that's me!

Greta said...

ohhhhhhh are better than me cause i would have responded back and i am chatolic...non practicing but none the less catholic...what is it that you want to know i will be more than happy to TRY and not be sarcastic ....bwhahahahahaah


MaryC said...

Boy, that would have sent me over the edge. Look you lunatic, answer the freaking question or shut the **** up. Your contempt for the unchurched is obvious so don't expect a conversion any time soon. Can I interest you in a Xanax?