Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rain delays

Woke up this morning to a beautiful day... light rain, light clouds. I'm one of those people that truly the rain doesn't put a damper on my day. Granted, if I were some die hard jogger that would cross country in any weather, I'm sure this would be my less-than-ideal jogging conditions but since you and I both know THAT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN.... this was a great day. I made the some scrambled eggs with ham for breakfast. Josh ate his whole-grain toast with all fruit strawberry preserves and drank his 1% milk with pleasure... Drew was less than pleased with breakfast as he only likes ham in slices (these were cubes) and he doesn't eat eggs. He did, however, devour a piece of toast as he loves strawberry preserves. He also sucked down an entire cup of a kid's version of "ensure". He calls them his "milkshakes." He gets enough calories and lots of vitamins so hey... I'll pick my battles when I feel up to the fight.... fighting over food isn't worth it. I did demand 3 bites (because he is 3 years old) and he gave me that.

So, loaded Josh up and away we went to sit in the line. Out the door at 7:44 for what should be a 2-3 minute drive to school. When it's raining... ok, I made it to the front of the school at 8:10. :) Yep, nearly THIRTY MINUTES to go one point five miles. In FREAKING SANE. They need some moron in orange directing traffic or a better system. Thank God they don't count kids tardy on days like this. Hell, I never remember MY mom waiting in some line to drop me off... people must think their kids are so dad-gummed sweet that if they get a drop of rain on them they're goign to melt in a puddle right there. Crazy!

So get home and start my chat session with my good friend Lisa... she sold her house in FOUR DAYS! I'm so sad they're leaving... she's truly one of the real, down-to-earth and loving, genuine friends I've made since moving here. She's leaving... I want to leave too! waah! I want to take my toys and go home!

I took Drew to swimming lessons at Emler. While I'm sitting in the observation area, the other moms are in there chatting about. One woman's phone repeatedly rings and she interrupts her conversations over and over and over and over again for all these calls. And, while she's talking, she doesn't remove herself from the area... she sits, speaks loudly in front of all the other people... and then puts THAT person on hold (call waiting) to answer someone calling on ANOTHER line. I swear call waiting is my LEAST desirable "modern convenience" because I think it makes people downright rude. If you're on the phone with someone... you get the "hold on, someone's calling on the other line" so you sit and hold thinking...??? what they're coming back to talk to you? No, they click over, answer the phone and tell THEM to hold on... they click back over to you and tell you they have to take the call and let you go... to talk to the other person... ??? so your less important than the other person or you've bored them enough that they feel the need to carry on with someone else. :) I just don't get it. It's just rude. if you're conversing with an individual... finish your conversation and get off the phone and just phone the other person back? How hard is that? Moreover, if you're engaged in a group conversation and your phone rings and you feel the need to take it, excuse yourself and take it where you're not interrupting everyone ELSE's conversation about the trials and tribulations of getting your eyebrows waxed and interviewing the principal of the public school you're thinking of putting your children (yes, that was one of the conversations... Oh Mi God for sure!) UGH... I just feel like a) there is a COMPLETE lack of respect... we are lazy... we are rude... (ok.. I saw "we" as a human race). My practice is that I certainly will let the callers on the other line go to my voice mail because the person with whom I am conversing gets all of my attention at that moment. That's just respect. OK... off of my soapbox...

As far as Drew's lessons, he's doing okay (I mean, he's only been there three times, I can't expect him to start going for the gold yet, right?) They're working today with having him put his face in the water -- he doesn't care for that too much... like she pulls his hands and he kicks and she wants him to put his face in the water and hold his breath... but he kind of panicks and started to look like he was ABOUT to cry... saw me and I was clapping and saying "good job" and so he stopped the drama and tried to concentrate more. Isn't it so weird that if it were mommy there with him, he'd probably have just flipped out but since it's someone else... he actually WILL try.

We finished the lesson and I was drying him off. He got his cookie and we headed to the car. I said, "You know you're going to have to work on putting your head in the water." He replied, "I no want to." I said, "In order to come back to swimming lessons you will have to try to." Stoically, "I don't want to come back." (Ha ha... little $hit!) And I said, we'll there goes your summer, no more Griffin's pool, no more Austin's pool, no swimming every day with mommy... going to be kinda boring for Mr. Drew. And he smiled and said, "I come back and stick my face in water." :) Ha ha! :)

Mark one up for mommy.


a.k.a. Amooretto said...

Isn't it funny how they can just change their mood in a snap!!

Anonymous said...

Hah hah
That sooo sounds like Noah..