Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday Tuesday

It's a boring Tuesday today. I took Drew to school and hung around helping take pictures of the children/teachers that I've missed on all my other photo shoot days. The photo presentation needs to be finished for this coming Tuesday's Spring Sing so I HAD to get 'em. I came home and cleaned up a bit and worked on some Scout stuff. Made lots of important phone calls (bwa ha ha ha) and then caught up with my friend Wanda. Do you ever talk to someone that is just a fresh breath of air? That is so her. She told me SHE is moving away too. :( Can I have a pity party? That's two rockin cool chicks moving away... well, thank GOD for the internet and e-mail! :) She's an urban-ite and suburbia is killing her spirit... I'm not so much an urbanite but I'm definitely sick of suburbia... and the Stepford Wives that fill it. I think I, too, am ready to bail on this facade. The fake BOTHER ME. Just BE REAL! UGH... Life isn't about where you live... it isn't about what you drive or "who" you wear... it's about WHO YOU ARE... and when you're so busy trying to blend in with everyone else... no wonder no one stands out in a place like this. She said that in not so many words...but in essence, it was the same... and man, that's SO THE TRUTH!

I went to a Room Mom's meeting at Josh's school... we had a meeting scheduled to actually talk about nothing. There was no plan, no agenda. Just basically - -this is when the party is...and... do what you want. Pshaw! Don't waste my time in anything that could have easily been covered in a two line e-mail.

And the whole "corporate sponsorship" of schools PISSES ME OFF. These are GOVERNMENTAL PUBLIC SCHOOLS... but they are having the parents' rights auctioned off to the highest bidder. Coca Cola ... if you bring in another product for a school function to distriute to children and it is NOT a Coca Cola product... the school can get fined? What kind of crock of $hit is that? If you're going to ASK parents to spend their money to bring things in... haven't you ever heard that BEGGERS CANT BE CHOOSERS? And, besides, how would they know? do they have Dr. Pepper sensors on the doors? Supposedly another local intermediate school was fined for having non-coca cola products at a school function. I want to know how this crap is possible! It's freakin INSANE! It completely pisses me off. (can you tell?)

Then we're told that you can't supply the kids with sidewalk chalk to use outside during the party because the principal believes that it encourages grafitti? Freakin GRAFITTI? What crack pipe is SHE SMOKING? Ugh.. good Lord the public school system is CONTINUALLY going to crap... it's riduclous... it's irritating... it's discouraging. Am I truly the only person that feels this way?

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Anonymous said...

I like the Dr.Pepper sensors line...Hah hah

I'm not there yet, but I soon will be!

Perhaps Shady Grove is different? I can only dream...