Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BRACE yourself...

Joshua got BRACES today! :) I said, "You'll hear these: metal mouth, tin grin, brace face." He thought it was hilarious.

We got to the ortho office. He logged himself in and went back to brush his teeth. We waited just a second before he was called back. We were under the impression he was getting his expander today. He got his expander... and his front braces... and his bottom expander. The stuff they can do now is AMAZING! After the attendant said, "let me get the doctor to check this so we can start on your braces." Josh had a look of panic on his face and said, "BRACES?" She laughed a little, as did I, and said, "Oh yeah, you get the works today!" And they gave him the works! I have to turn his expander once a day for the next 21 days. His bottom expander is going to be turned once a week until his jaw have expanded properly (he has a pretty severe overbite). Crazy man... crazy...

I come home and am quite excited to attend a home schooling seminar tonight at Creative Arts in Action. It's a workshop designed for anyone having a question about the possibilities, questions about how to, discussing the pros/cons of homeschooling.... and I can't WAIT!

I've gained all my weight back i'd lost in the last 3 1/2 weeks... not much but still.... go on a roller coaster ride and eat like crap.. you too can gain it all back! :) BUT I have realized that before I really didn't have the right attitude and it was all about convienence... now it's about being healthy. I understand there will be ups and downs and I'm prepared for them now... my big problem, so far, is that I have to plan. I need to plan meals well in advance so that I'm NOT searching for convenience. I'll get there... I need to have faith in myself. It took me a year to put it all on... and it's not coming off in a month! :) (I'll take 3 months! ha ha ha) :)

I'm pretty excited about this weekend as well. I'm driving down to Fredericksburg. :) WOO HOO... anyone want to go?

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