Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fredericksburg, Texas

This weekend I went to Fredericksburg, Texas. One of my most favorite places to go. My dad went with me this weekend. It was really a nice trip. I picked him up from a car dealership and we drove down through Glen Rose, stopped and had some DELICIOUS barbeque and then on to F-burg. It got dark QUICK and there were LOTS of deer out (ON THE ROAD!) UGH! Made for a few interesting moments now and then.

We got to the place that I love, Till's Cabin... settled in and got a good night's sleep. The next day we enjoyed some of their sweet bread (made fresh in town) and went shopping. I LOVE SHOPPING THERE! I could move to that area of the state... it's so beautiful and just... I love the country... I want land land land!

Anyhow -- that night we got back to the cabin, lit a fire in the fireplace and watched Texas Tech get their butts handed to them on a platter by Oklahoma. It was PAINFUL to watch... let me tell you! At one point I just went to get a Subway just so I could leave the television! Painful! Pitiful! Dreadful! (it was bad -- are you following me?) UGH!

The next mornign we got up and toured the Pacific War Museum and drove to Lukenbach and then headed home. It was a nice visit with dad and I hope we can do a small trip like that once or twice a year. :) I think it was wonderful spending time just the two of us together.

While I was there, I had a little friend visiting me -- from Alaska... A Scouting group I'm a part of is doing a "Flat Stanley" project so I took him along and got some pictures of him everywhere as well. It was a hoot! I hope they enjoyed that when they got it back home!

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chksngr said...

looked up Fredericksburg on google...its so cute!!! I love places like that!