Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm in LOVE....

... with a cow named Otis. :) ha ha ha... I absolutely adore the movie and TV show called Back at the Barnyard. It's just brilliant! I love the storylines, the writing is witty and it's just ... it is MY SHOW! I LOVE IT!

I tivo Barnyard not for the boys, but for ME! :) IT IS MY SHOW!

The movie is genius! I love the Kevin James (King of Queens) as Otis... I love Sam Elliot as Ben, Otis' dad... Samuel Jackson as the stubborn mule... I love Biggie Cheese singing Boombastic in the barn (Shaggy). It's just ... SO FREAKIN CLEVER! This is one of my FAVORITE scenes... it's when the farmer comes into the barn and sees all the animals up on 2 legs, talking and dancing... and gets whacked. The little rat is too cute... "I've got a pulse... weeeeeeee" Check out the scene HERE Both my boys will just say this line and bust a gut laughing...

I love Mrs. Beatty next door... she is just clever and I love how she's NUTS with the talking animals... In one episode of the TV series, she decides to run for mayor "to put an end to talking animals"... when that doesn't get a reaction she adds, "and I'll make you fudge." YOu HAVE to see this show! Seriously!

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MaryC said...

I love the movie too...I just have one thing that really bothers me about this.
Why do the bulls have udders? It's so wrong!