Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Calgon Take Me Away

Or at least take Drew away for a little while today. I have a terrible twoser! UGH… I have a cub scout meeting tonight that I have not been able to plan for the last 3 days (boomer)…and this little troll (I say that as lovingly as possible)…. Will NOT GO TO SLEEP… he’s missed preschool all week b/c he’s been sick and I’m just at my wit’s end today… I’m emotionally spent and just do not have the energy to deal with his whiney butt today! Anyone want a two year old for a year or two? J

I took him to Hobby Lobby to get some of the craft supplies for tonight’s meeting… he tried to reach out and smack a man looking at some stuff… then he DID reach out and smack a lady in the arm looking at the stamps…. And when we got to the counter to check out.. he took out his binkie and THREW IT AT THE CASHIER?!

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