Tuesday, September 5, 2006

I've Been Excommunicated

I'd written about this before.... the lady that runs the playgroup in my HOA apparently wants to play HITLER and pick and choose who can be allowed in the playgroup. I've sent her 3 e-mail requests and left her a voice mail - she won't return anything. I finally contacted the SIG (special interest group) coordinator and asked her to find out what the hell was going on. Apparently she wants to talk to her over the phone ... I'm like... ??? What in the HELL did Drew do to anyone that would keep him from being able to PLAY with kids in his own neighborhood.

You know what, if she just has it out for me then, I don’t feel like me OR my son would be welcome at anything. I know when I went to a local scrapbooking crop at Recollections, one of the ladies was on the phone to Kandren…. And she specifically asked her (all of these women were from Hidden Lakes) if I was there? I’m like… ??? why do you care if I’m here or not. So she obviously has it out for me in some regard. Life is too short to be on someone’s personal vendetta list over nothing….. so I’m just going to drop the issue and she can “win”. I just feel like Drew is the one missing out because of her childishness.

Honestly, I have no idea what the problem is whatsoever as I’ve never done or said anything to/about/against her at all (except on my blog but it’s MY blog on MY website and it’s MY opinion). The last event I attended went to was a St. Patrick’s Day party at another mom’s house…. I was there, brought food, mingled with the ladies and left before the crowd??? There wasn’t any sort of bad blood?

As you said, however, drama is right… I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t just want to have a big, fun playgroup…. I guess it’s more fun to be Hitler and pick and choose who is playgroup worthy.

Something I WOULD like to say however, is that I don’t see how this can be advertised as a “Hidden Lakes” playgroup. If she wants her own personal playgroup, I think that THIS ONE needs to come off the SIG website and someone needs to start one that truly IS for HL. Because if everyone isn’t welcome, then it’s really not a Hidden Lakes thing… it’s a Kandren thing.

Thanks for trying… I guess I’ll just try to make friends with kids outside my neighborhood. Nothing like feeling unwelcome in your neighborhood.

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