Monday, September 25, 2006

Friends For Ever

Josh had his best friend Jackson spend the night last night and I took them to school this morning. Jackson's little brother, Wyatt, was having surgery at the hospital this morning and they had to be there quite early. I knew my friend Lisa and her husband Shannon really needed to spend some QT with their little guy and at times like that you just do whatever you have to for those that mean the most to you. She's SUCH a wonderful friend...

Lord, I lift up this family in prayer to you. Please guide the doctor's hands... be with Lisa as they take her baby ... be with Shannon to be strong for them all... be with Wyatt to keep his heart calm and help him be brave... be with Lisa's mom watching her grandbaby go through this... Let them work steady and surely and give him a fast, immediate and complete recovery. Be with them all, I ask this of you. Amen.

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