Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hear the call of the wild

I met with my Cub Scout troop (yes, if you don't recall, I'm the overachiever that has to take on every volunteer opportunity known to man) and we toured the Fort Worth Zoo for our first official "Go See It". I had each child prepare a little speech about a specific animal... it was quite adorable watching them give their official schpeels. It would have been a great day but we had to eat eventually... and that meant standing in line for a stupid mini pizza for like what seemed about 40 minutes. I have NEVER in my LIFE seen anyplace move so slow. There has GOT to be a way to make that place move faster. I'd almost have rather starved than had to wait for pizza. Bees swarm EVERYWHERE there is a place to eat or a trash can. Me and anything that buzzes and flies just simply do NOT mix. I"m usually the one seen running with flailing arms screaming high-ultra-sonic screams that only the bats hear. It's quite embarrassing but hey, I've never been bit and really don't want to start now.

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