Friday, January 12, 2007

Baby Lola

I know that putting down Boomer and Gidget would be hard on me but I never realized just HOW hard it would be.... in November Drew got a new dog (ha ha... that's the story anyway).... this is Lola. Her birthday is September 19 and she's the newest little member of my family. She's just a cute little bumbly pup... she thinks she needs to be in my lap to sleep ... especially when I'm on the computer, hates being outside when it's cold and isn't a snuggle buddy unless you're on a couch... otherwise, she wants to play with Sadie. It's SO nice for Sadie to have a little buddy, they LOVE to play play play! Anyways, this is my new baby... I love her... This is my baby love... Lola

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