Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wissen wissen

Yes, I'm trying to teach Drew now -- who is potty training himself, not to have to SEE what's in the potty, but to LISTEN for it. Tuesday at school after much success at home using the potty (the boy is OBSESSED with peeing now) he walked into the bathroom and saw those little toilets and turned around and walked right out. He wanted nothing to do with them. So... I went to Target to get him a little potty seat to go over the big toilet... it has Elmo and Cookie Monster on it... so he'll get up on the potty now and say "wissen... wissen".... and he wants you to listen to him pee. he won't stay on there long enough to poop yet.. usually it's within a couple of minutes of peeing... but if he toots he'll tell you "poo poo comin" LOL... but he'll never stay on it long enough or he doesn't want his cheeks splashed with water.. who knows a toddler's mentality... but hey... wissen... he pees!!! :) it's a start!!! And ... by Thursday, yes, my little man peed at school.

I can't believe I'm blogging about pee... good GRIEF the conversations motherhood turns us to have! Ha!

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