Sunday, January 7, 2007

I'm glad I'm no surgeon & Drew's quite the little character

While Drew was napping this afternoon, Josh wanted to play some games. So, I gave me about 15 minutes to myself while he watched LazyTown after my shower. I decided to do one better and get out TWO games so out came Operation and Candyland. I asked Josh which he preferred to play -- he got a big smile and said, "Operation." So we started.... he got one... I got one.... then we were just stuck. I swear we played that game for 45 minutes and I finally said, look, we both suck at this game, let's play Candyland, ok? He just laughed and said, yeah, we suck bad.... and so we played a few games of Candyland. It was so funny!

Drew was so funny tonight too. He was throwing a fit (b/c he was tired -- mommy is getting his schedule back to normal)...and we were about to eat... and i mentioned a bath so since he'd taken a red Christmas stamp to town all over the back of his hand.. he wanted a bath -- right then. I said, after we eat, you can have a bath.... bath BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATH

So, of course he didn't win, we ate, he did his puzzles and ate some animal crackers... Andy finished and said, you want to go take a bath? Drew started to the gate... but once he got through the gate, he saw the stamp that he'd gone to town with all over the back of his hand... and proceeded to do the same thing... again... Andy was like.. lets go.. and started counting down... 3.....2.....1..... lets go and started to act like he was going to race drew up the stairs.... drew just looked at him with stamp in hand and said "bye" LOL...
I was laughing so hard I nearly choked on my salad!

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