Monday, January 8, 2007

Burn baby burn

Monday nights are good for more than football -- it's the best day that both the boys go to gymnastics and BURN ENERGY!!! If nothing else, I know they'll both sleep well on Monday nights. Unfortunately, it usually means a late supper too so they don't get to bed on time...and they both have school the next day but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make (at the present time).

Drew was in rare form... had a great GREAT time bouncing on the trampoline. It's so funny to see how coordinated you really DO have to be in order to do things like .... bounce on a trampoline or click sticks together to a beat. They have a cute little program for the kids... they start out on the trampoline... walk over and have circle time with music that ends with a bubble machine and they all just love that... then they follow the red path to the water fountains and get a drink. Drew is Mr. Independent and doesn't want any help -- although he really CAN'T get a drink by himself...darnit if he's not going to try. ... then they go run down a long trampoline and jump into a big foam pit and crawl around in there or swing from the rope swing and dive into the pit, etc. then they have some sort of obstacle course set up for them to do.... work on cartwheels, back flips, hand stands, climbing... then they get a drink again... then they go to a 2nd obstacle course where they work on balance and coordination on the beams, hanging on the horizontal bar, etc. By then, all the parents have worked up a good sweat... the kids are spent... they sit on the edge of the area and get stickers and a stamp on their hands (I hate that part)... we wait about 10 minutes for Josh... wade through cluster of people and head out.

Josh did AWESOME on the rings at gymnastics, he told me on Tuesday that his arms were sore... I knew they would be! I have a hard time watching Josh while having to do Drew's class with him.. one of these days I'll get grandma or PawPaw to come up and do Drew's class with him and I'll video tape Josh. He'll like that.

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