Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Do you believe in ghosts?

I have a new favorite show -- and for those of you that know me, yes, it's a big deal. I actually WATCH a TELEVISION SHOW?! Can you believe it? I LOVE the show called Ghost Hunters. I'm into the whole "paranormal" thing. I like that they take a scientific approach to a lot of it with thermal cameras and such. I also like a show called Paranormal State. The use of the voiceover thing gets old rather quickly where it sounds like the host is talking through an old timey radio or something with a lot of audio noise.

Do I personally believe in ghosts? Yes. Have I ever encountered anything paranormal? I'm not sure.

When Josh was born it was after my grandmother had already died. I remember being so sad that she never got to meet him. My grandmother and I were EXTREMELY close. I loved her more than life itself... the day she died, I felt like a part of me went with her. I remember laying in bed at night sometimes praying for a sign, praying for a visit from her or for some way of her coming to me to tell me she was okay, that she knew Josh and that she would be his guardian angel... I even wanted to go see John Edwards (from Crossing Over -- he's a medium) to see if she would come through with a message for me... I still feel that deep longing to hear from her. Anyhow, I'd begged for a sign. I remember this one particular night laying in my bed for what seemed like hours just thinking about her and all the great memories. I remember some of the conversations we had... I remember asking her what these scar looking calouses were on each of her thighs. She said they were from wearing garters. Back in her day, all the women wore garters with their hose because they didn't have panty hose. The garters were made of metal and they'd rub your legs and eventually you'd develop a calous there. I thought that was the weirdest thing... that next day.. when I awoke. I had a callous on my right mid thigh. And no, it wasn't from wearing a garter belt. It was actually a raised spot like a callous... I had a dermatologist check it out even... I believe that was the sign I had been waiting for.

My mom's mom, "Me Me" as we called her and yes, I realize it should be spelled "Mi Mi" but hey, I just went by what my sister told me. :) Anyhow, MeMe told me stories as a child that her aunt read tea leaves... foretold of a rabid dog in a field the men were working in... and rang a bell... kind of like a triangle for the "come and get it" but it was an emergency signal for them to seek shelter... and there was a rabid dog that had come into the field and one of the workers shot it.

MeMe also said she saw John F. Kennedy shot in her crystal ball (yes, she had a collection of them) about 3 years before he was shot. She was into numerology and went on lots of radio talk shows to do numerology. To this day, I still have no idea what numerology is, nor do I really care.

A lot of acquaintences that I've come across in my life have perceived that as the devil's work... that and astrology. I never really paid that much mind either because it was my grandmother. She was no more the devil than I am. I honestly believe she thought she was really helping people. Her insight into MOST people was dead on accurate... Amazing how that worked. I wish I had her knack for all things mathematical. She was a wiz!

Anyways, MeMe apparently had a ghost in her house. I had never seen it before but the story goes that ... well, let me explain her house real quick. She had a "basement" that you had to step down 2 stairs to get into that was right off the kitchen/dining room area (it was a very VERY small house). I don't know if it was a converted garage or whatever -- it's been so long since I was at that house... 9414 Rustown Drive in Mesquite... wow I get off on a lot of tangents don't I? So anyway the story goes, she was watching my aunt Robyn/Roberta's son (her name was Roberta but she legally changed it to Robyn so she could tell everyone my sister was named after her -- she had some issues)... so my aunt Rob's son, Raymond, (he passed away from SIDS when he was an infant). MeMe's youngest son, my uncle Richard, who used to sleep in my grandpa's t-shirts, knew he wasn't supposed to be in the basement. MeMe said she saw a little boy in what she thought was a white t-shirt come from the basement and go past her and down the hall and into either the bathroom or the back bedroom. She wasn't happy about him being down there so when she followed him back and looked in the bathroom and saw nothing and then went to the back bedroom and saw nothing... it had disappeared.

OOOOOOOOOOOH... and the last story about a ghostly encounter was when my best friend Christie and I went with my sister in law Robyn and her best friend to Jefferson, TX for a girl's weekend away. We went on this ghost tour. They had historians that had studied the town's buildings and all the haunting reports and condensed them into an informative nighttime walking tour. It was actually really neat to hear the stories... but we got to this one house that really just gave me the creeps. It was the last house on the tour. It was being renovated by the new owners. We were standing -- as a group of like 15 people -- all out by the street on the sidewalk listening to the "history" of the house... and I heard footsteps walk across the wooden porch. There wasn't anyone there. Everyone wanted to walk around and look at the back of the house but I was beyond freaked out and I turned and told Christie... there's something about this house that I don't like and I don't feel comfortable going back there. She heard the footsteps too and totally agreed with me. When the group had come around, I asked the leader of the tour... I said, you know, when you were telling us the initial information about this house, I'd heard footsteps across the porch... she looked very startled... and said we needed to move on...

Yes, that creeped me out...and thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies.

But I'm calming them with some warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk before bed. :) Oh life is good

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