Friday, January 4, 2008

Things To Do Before you Die

No, I'm not getting all morbid on ya -- there's all kinds of websites, books and lists devoted to trying to get people to get out of their rut and to actually LIVE their best life... to ENRICH their life... to EXPERIENCE their life and the GIFT of life that God gave you. :) So... why not check it out...

They actually have some neat books for kids too -- like 100 things to do before you turn 12 or something like that. I'm getting that for Josh for his birthday. He turns NINE this year? Man I feel old! :) I'm about to have a kid in the double digits! CRAZY!

Any-who... here is one such site: I may as well go live in some pigmy tribe because ... I don't care if someone thinks you "HAVE" to skydive to experience a fulfilling life... my ass ain't jumpin outta no plane Willis! (pardon the Texan and the bad grammar)!

Another site I found that had a neat list -- she created for herself... and I like and appreicate several of her "things" such as:

-read all the books on Oprah's book club list
-learn to speak another language
-see the seven wonders
-restore a classic car (how cool would that be for ME since I don't OWN A TOOL) ha!

So, this all got me thinking to myself, "you know, self, I may just have to look through these lists and develop one of my own." What a neat mini book to scrap about... Things I WANT To Do Before I Die. "Want" being the key word there because I don't WANT to jump out of a plane... I don't care. I have no desire to do that and I don't feel that doing so will make me feel like my life is any less rich and rewarding that it already is. :) So, I'll leave that to you crazies out there.

One thing on my list is to read all the "classics" like The Illiad and the Odssey, Moby Dick, all of Mark Twain... etc. and I actually printed off a list somewhere in the endless abyss of paper I'm trying to slowly rid myself of.

So, for now, I'm adding the making my list of things to do... to my list of things to do. How ironic is that?

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