Friday, January 4, 2008

Favorite Movies

Do you get those questionnaires in your e-mail box? You know the ones that ask you to list a varity of things in fours. For instance, name four jobs I have had that you may not have known about. Name four places you've visited. Name four places you've lived. Name four favorite foods.

I filled out and replied to one of these today and one of the questions got me thinking. It asked for your four favorite movies. I have more than four. Being so far behind in my movie watching, I'm still hung up on old favorites if they're on when I'm channel surfing at night.

Some of them are:

-Breakfast at Tiffany's (this is CLASSIC Hollywood for me)
-Grease (LOVE this movie... I don't know a single girl that DIDN'T want to have a blonde fro, Candee's cork shoes, black tube top and satin pants after that
-Dirty Dancing (nobody puts Baby in a corner)
-I.Q. (I love Meg in this movie... it's just classic)
-While You Were Sleeping (the chemistry between Sandra and Jeff is just steamy)
-The Rock (I drive a Volvo. A beige one. And most of the time I work in a glass jar and lead a very uninteresting life, but what I'm dealing with now is one of the most dangerous substances the Earth has ever known, so why don't you cut me some friggin' slack!)
-Toombstone (I'm your Huckelberry)
-Bram Stoker's Dracula (beautiful love story - if you can get past the blood and gore)
-Adventures of Milo and Otis (fell in LOVE with pug dogs because of this movie)
-Open Range (I love western romances... not a big Kevin Costner or Robert Duvall fan but in this movie, I fell in love with them both)
-Dumb and Dumber (there are far too many memorable quotes from this to pick just one. :) It's just THE movie for me! :)
-Major Payne (You want sympathy? Look in the dictionary between shit and syphillis. That's where you'll find my sympathy")
-Turner and Hooch (love that big ole slobber dog)
-Saving Private Ryan (ask me sometime how it took me a week to see this movie AT THE THEATER)
-The Notebook (phenomenal love story
-Miracle on 34th Street (who couldn't believe in Santa after this one? Again, classic Hollywood -- love that men wore suits, women styled their hair)
-It's A Wonderful Life (Buffalo girls won't you come out tonight..."
-Reality Bites (this is another one with FAR too many witty quotes to single out just one)
-Pretty in Pink (did you not just love Ducky and Blain and his BMW?)
-16 Candles (I nevah been so hoppy my ho life)

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Amooretto said... and I have a movie collection in our heads don't we!? I answered your email too stinker!! ;)