Tuesday, January 8, 2008

First Day Back

Today was Drew's first day back at school since mid-December. Boy was he one tired cranky boy. I'm glad knowing that he'll sleep good tonight.

After I dropped him off at school, I headed to Recollections, my favorite scrapbook store that is going out of business. Well, they're not "going out of business" but their parent company (Michaels) is pulling the chain and focusing on the Aaron Brothers and Michael's stores. :( I spent more than I thought I would ($200) but I got a great cropper hopper ink storage unit, 2 expandable divided 12x12 paper storage books, a 6x6 paper holder and an 8x8 paper holder. Their printed paper (God knows I don't NEED anymore...) was on sale 40% off... I had to get some... and I got some Hambly transparencies... and some Bohemia cutouts... and I'm on page TWENTY FIVE to have the opportunity to buy one the fixtures... EVERYONE needs paper storage at a reasonable price. Why doesn't SOMEONE just invent something that isn't an eyesore and that doesn't cost a mortgage on your house to obtain? I don't see how it can be so impossible...

I came home and started organizing my new toys -- that was fun. By the time I realized it, it was time to go get Drew.... then Josh... then home... the house smelled delicious.

I made an amazing dinner tonight -- in the crock pot. Pork roast, bottle of Shiner Bock (beer) and a bottle of thick n chunky Pack picaunte sauce. MMMM mmmm mmmm.. pork fajitas! :) YUM-O

Off to watch Ghost Hunters, ciao!

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