Saturday, January 19, 2008

Party On Drew!

Today is going to be a busy day for the boys... I wake up and get a shower. I get two presents wrapped and ready to roll. I wake up Josh and Drew, hearing the noise, gets up and immediately we go into breakfast mode. Cereal followed shortly therafter by "I firsty" so he gets a glass of chocolate milk". Then we will clean off the table, get Josh ready and we are literally out the door. Thank God Andy would take Josh to the bithday party for one of his friends because a) I had no clue where it was and b) I'd have had to sit and entertain Drew while Josh was ice skating. Thank GOD he did that ... thank you Andy!!!!! Drew went to a birthday party for his best friend Austin at Pump It Up Grapevine. They had the most WONDERFUL time running and jumping and bouncing and such. I think Mr. Drew had a little TOO much time because when we went to the party room for pizza and drinks and such... he didn't want to eat... he didn't want to sit... he didn't want to stay. He told Austin happy birthday and gave him a hug and he said he wanted to go home and dtake a nap! My poor kid was TIRED!

So, home we went. Jonas Brothers tickets were on sale dudring this time but DAG NABBIT if the show didn'dt sell out in like SECONDS! Thankfully they added another date but we still just got nose bleed for those! Oh well...At least we got 'em! Lisa/Austin and Kary/Luke are going.

Then at 3, Josh and Drew and I went to Kary's house for Griffin's 5th birthday party -- what a fun treat that was. This woman just oozes creativity... just makes me sick I just like her so much! I just want to rub on her and hope some of that karma comes off on me too! Drew went through Jedi training and got a light saber... it was truly a hoot. Darth Vader made an appearance too. Kary was dressed up like Princess Leia... lea.... lia.. whatever her freakin name is, you get the drift! :) It was one of the best parties!

After we got home, Josh was treated to a Maverick's game with the Grahams for Austin's birthday (the party he was at earlier in the day). With Blue spikey hair and all (they were trying to make it on the big monitor but didn't) :( We need to buy him a wig I suppose. :) Paint him up like the blue man group or buy him one of those blue skin tight running suits! Ha ha ha ....that'd be a hoot.

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