Saturday, May 28, 2011

Are you getting old when...

Are you getting old when you don't appreciate people messing with classics?

I'm trying to eat something for dinner as my ankle-biter walks around wanting me to pick him up, UP UP UP WAAAAAHHHHHH.... I'm like, "DUDE, let me EAT!"

So, as I try to find something to occupy his time and distract him long enough for me to scarf down ... something I realize that The Cartoon Network is on. Whatever show was on is going off and what comes on? Well, I'm assuming its going to be a classic - Roadrunner -- Meep Meep!

But it's not... the classic. It's Roadrunner and Wyl E Coyote (how do you spell his name, anyway?) doing a Matrix-esque cartoon. ??? It's rather dark and ... not all in the whole ACME fun self-defeating way of the series. It was... off. It was... not good. I didn't like it. Made me sad. They're messing with the classics.


I will say that SOME shows were better when they DID redo them. For instance, the 60s era Tom and Jerry were rather yuck. The ones I watched as a kid were cool. The NEW ones (yeah, they redid those too). The new ones... suck.

Why can't they just leave well enough alone?

Has Hollywood run out of ideas and just have to do remakes of everything? Sometimes you just don't mess with classics.

Willy Wonka for one. The new one creeps me out, Johnny Depp's white face, teeth and mannerisms are enough to make me want to immediately change the channel. And that's bad. Because I'm a real fan of Mr. Depp. I mean, he's sexy enough to make this goody-two-shoes wanna be a pirate. ;) And then he went all creepy again and redid Alice in Wonderland. STOP IT ALREADY!

Frankly, there are some shows that don't need a sequel but it seems that now the MO is to come out with a show and if it's good, beat it to death and milk it for all its worth in the box office, merchandising and McDonald's toys! And they've done it with everything but why won't they do another Nemo? Why? Becuase he's been found..??? Well, you know, kids can get lost more than once.

So, what do you think of the newly revised shows they've done? Yea or nay?

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