Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last Minute Shopping

It's always fun to realize your child doesn't own any "dress" clothes that he needs to wear the next morning for graduation so that you have to clean up your dinner mess and head to Target. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy shopping?

I haven't?

Oh, yeah. It's because...



Thank goodness for Target. Seriously, thank goodness for Target. And thank goodness, too, that my son really didn't give a flip where his clothes came from since he knew he'd only likely wear them once or twice before he outgrew them.

He found a pair of pants (navy) and a checkered shirt that was a very thin material and that coincidentally went with his favorite new t-shirt. I grabbed that, the two gift cards we needed for senior gifts, a couple of cards and the cutest little swim trunks and swim shirt for Ben.

I figure he's gotta be stylin at the pool, too. Right?

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