Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random Wednesday

The Agony of Defeat.
Drew's big game was last night. They went into this game 10-0 facing another undefeated team, The Bulls. The Bulls are this organization's big winner. They're a tough team. We saw why. Amazingly quick. The skills these kids have at the age they are is unbelievable! They were three shy of their roster, too. Did you know that some coaches tell kids to stay home on game days so that they don't have automatic outs on their rosters and can focus on just the "good kids" on their team? I sure hope that wasn't the case. They can hit, they can field, they can catch. Triple threat. We got beat. I say we because I know the parents wanted this for their kids just as much (if not more) than the kids did. Who DOESN'T want to beat THE BEST?

There were a few kids that were extremely upset but kept their composure together. They were just outplayed and frankly, that's just what happens in baseball. Sometimes you beat and sometimes you get beat.

I like the way Cliff put it on my Facebook page, "It's a good life lesson, just don't let it happen again."

Boxing Breakfast
This morning I'm boxin' it... that's right, we're doing cereal. After a late game, a later dinner (Jet's Pizza--yum!) I let the boys sleep 5 minutes late and have cereal. I knew they could finish quickly and lay back down before school if they wanted to. We're all tired. As I type that, I look over to see Ben asleep in his high chair. He never really woke up this morning... he's never slept in his high chair. Crazy.

Gnarly Knees
Today also brings a trip to the doctor for me. My knees are shredded. Literally. I have fluid on both. They're swollen. Who would have thought that exercise was BAD for you? If my knees are this bad from doing something GOOD for me... I can't imagine how the knees on people that are grava-portal from being morbidly obese feel. So, I'll call Dr. Green and see if he can get me in. Andy said it's a sign I'm getting older, that I should have worked my way into a running routine. I say, "Hogwash!" I like running. You get where you're going faster. I did have a dull ache on Saturday but I ran through it. I'm always telling Josh to run through the pain (of whatever) so who would I be if I didn't follow the same philosophy? So, I ran through the pain... and now, four days later my knees are STILL killing me. It hurts to lay, it hurts to walk, it hurts to sit, it hurts to get up, it hurts to do just about anything. They.Hurt. Waah!

Wishful thinking
I had another location set up on my phone for weather reports and the like -- Estes Park, Colorado. I received a weather alert last night while at the baseball game. They were under a winter weather advisory. Sigh. Can you imagine? In May, having a winter weather advisory? How simply divine. I miss Colorado.

Weight Watchers
I've lost a total of 17.4 pounds. Then I went back off the diet to enjoy Mother's Day weekend. And, I'm still not back on (you did read I ate pizza last night, right?) I'm sure I'll gain back some but I'll get back on it in a day or so. My goal is to weigh what I did almost 13 years ago... so I'm shooting for the 120s. They say when you dream, to dream big, so I am!

Girl's Weekend
Christie and I booked our cabin for Oklahoma last Friday. It's an awesome two-bedroom cabin in the middle of no where with a hot tub and we're going to enjoy the solitude. I'm going to take some books, my laptop (a girl's gotta blog), my camera... I hope to fish, and hike and eat good food. It's always nice to go away with another woman because then the cooking AND clean up duties are shared. What a concept, huh?

Random Piles
If you were to walk in my house right now, that's what you'd see. I need to get photos of stuff and get it up on Craig's List and/or e-bay. I didn't participate in the neighborhood garage sale because I got up at 6am to see who else was setting up and NO ONE was. I didn't want to be the only one to do it so I'm considering doing the fall sale instead. Nevermind that we have NEVER been able to do anything in the fall because of sports. It's a noble thought though, right? I am just ready to get rid of all the maternity clothes and now all the baby clothes from birth to 12 months and all the other various items that have been placed in the garage sale piles taht seem to be growing in every corner of my house. I'm wondering if the tax write-off would be a better use of my time? Hee hee hee

That's the news for now. Carry on.


Anonymous said...

Your trip sounds like fun! Enjoy!

Brandt! said...

hahaha .. love your post .. i'm sorry to hear about your knees .. water on the knees .. ya, not so much "run through the pain" ..hope it's nothing serious.
Really .. you want winter in May? we are struggling to hit 60 .. it's getting so depressing. Last year this time we were having the most fabulous summer .. I think the Farmer's Almanac is telling us it's going to be a cold, rainy summer ... ugh!