Thursday, May 19, 2011

To the Moon ...or just the farm

Josh and Andy were up early this morning. Today was the day the 5th graders left for their trip to Houston. They had to be at school by 6:15 in order to load the bus at 6:30 and hit the road by 6:45. Josh packed himself. I let him. I did, however, give him the old, "Okay, so you did remember, clean underwear, socks, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste. Right?" I got a hug in response and the typical, "Yes, Mooooooooooooom."

Even though I was sure he did pack them, sometimes you just have to ask. I guess you never stop being a mom, huh? He's only 11 for goodness sake but he's been packing (or mostly packing) himself for a couple years for his trips to Iowa to see his dad. So, he's well versed in how to pack (roll your stuff) and what to pack.

Drew had a big day today as well. Today was Mrs. Powell's class' operetta of The Little Red Hen. They did a fantastic job. I recorded the whole thing, of course, on video. Drew played the little dog that worked at the mill. The teacher would read the story and then they would sing parts (some solo, some as a group) to talk more about the story.

It made me laugh because when I turned my head briefly, the entire front and back row was nothing but camcorders and cameras. It was funny.

Ben didn't know what was going on. He just knew he was in a big room and there were lots of people. When Drew took his place on stage, Ben instantly recognized the voice and started waving his arms and making noises to say, "Hey, that's my brother, Drew, up there!" Everyone commented after it was over that that was so cute.

It was rather fun.

This morning went surprisingly smoothly. I actually was able to get up, make cinnamon rolls for Drew (his favorite), feed Ben his milk, cereal (he eats dry Honeycomb) and then give him a cinnamon roll, too. I even got my hair "did"! I didn't wear a baseball cap and pony tail. I don't think half the parents recognized me since that's typically my "mom uniform." And frankly, I hate having hairs in my face. I always seem to fix my hair when the dern wind is blowing. ANNOYING!

So, today, we sent one off to the moon and left the second one at the farm. The mornings starting out great!


Roeckers said...

Enjoyed reading your last few posts. You have a knack for the writing!
Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Look at you go girl dressed and prettified to go out. I'm afraid what the teacher must think of me when I pick Cole up. lol