Monday, May 23, 2011

Hollywood has ruined me...

Yesterday we were under a tornado watch and a severe thunderstorm watch/warning for the better part of the day. That doesn't mean that it wasn't sunshiny and nice, it just means that typical summertime-ish weather for Texas. We had one line of storms pass through in the evening and then they were gone.

But the alarms, oh the alarms.

Apparently some numbnuts was asleep with his hand on the trigger and he must have had dreams of winning some PS2 gaming competition because the stupid alarms kept going off.... seriously. Every fifteen minutes or so, there they were. And, if you live in tornado alley (which we do) you don't just scoff at the sounding of the sirens.... until last night. I made one last check of the weather map on my phone and I was like, "See ya, dudes. I'm out of here!" Lights out!

All I kept thinking of was that scene in Twister when Helen Hunt went to visit her Aunt who had no warning.... and then there's US who had someone playing with the stupid warning signals like they had some nervous tic. Give the man a clicker pen, will ya? Get his freakin' finger OFF that button. I wonder if they sit around making bets on pushing the button to sound the alarms.

Regardless, I see Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton running the tornado in that big red truck and think to myself, "Well Self, at least we HAVE sirens. No one is going to listen to them... but we got 'em."

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

OH lord I would want to shoot that guy!

You go Hollywood ... lol