Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shaking My Head

I have been doing a lot of that the past couple of weeks... the news that has been filling my head just leaves me saddened and shocked, dismayed and depressed, angry and vengeful.

A woman from Irving apparently killed her 6 year old son and drove to Maine to dump the body. This beautiful blond little boy is dead... at his mother's hand. She just wrapped him in a blanket and threw him out like trash.

A friend from Irving Bible Church was feeling ill with a stomach bug and had been experiencing other "things" that weren't right (for her) but nothing was really being addressed. Turns out she has some MAJOR serious problem with her heart... she's got small children at home. However, she HAS made amazing strides and will be able to be going home... HOME?! It's a miracle to say the least. Her Caring Bridge page is: If you feel so inclined to visit and to continue to pray for her.

Another friend on Facebook posted about a little girl that was killed by a hit and run driver just around the corner from her house... only to find out that the mother killed the kid and lied about it saying she had been involved in a hit and run... Blunt force trauma is the cause of death.

Another friend of a friend is going through the beginning of a divorce and the wife is causing him so much stress he had to go to the hospital!!!! I just want to poke her eyes out!

Another friend who has always wanted children found out she was pregnant only to have now suffered a miscarriage with severe hemorrhaging. She's been to the ER twice now.

A three-year-old just died in a swimming pool...

People are throwing all their family's dirty laundry on Facebook like it's nothing and then get involved in word wars with one another. Seriously, I've "hidden" four "friends" because I'm SO sick of all their family's drama. It's beyond pathetic. I've even gone so far as to block my own sister because she just seems too happy to leave snarky remarks whenever possible.

Our government's spending is out of control... the debt ceiling is going to be more than can ever realistically be paid down... and people are more concerned about the fact that they're cancelling soap operas on daytime television and who is going to win American Idol.

And ... then I read on Fox News' website that atheists are offering post-rapture pet care. For real... for real?

... but on a lighter note, I painted my toenails hot pink and go a Route 44 Diet Coke. Doesn't that make everything all better?


chksngr said...

And ... then I read on Fox News' website that atheists are offering post-rapture pet care.

Really? Wow...I should call them. I won't be here.

Anonymous said...

It's a crazy world. I thank God everyday that my family is healthy and mostly sane.

Brandt! said...

Wasn't that terrible about the little boy found in Maine?!? I couldn't get passed that no one knew who he was until they started doing the truck research. His photo was all over the papers, trying to figure out his identity .. sooooo sad . :(

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh girl I haven't heard about some of those but it just makes me ill. I'm so sad by some of these people.

But I do love your choice of toes :)