Monday, May 9, 2011

Falling off the wagon....

... yeah, that's me. I fell off the bloggin' wagon again. It's a difficult thing to do when you have a toddler attached to you at night. So, I'm enjoying those moments rather than saving them for posterity.

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the moms out there. We had a very low-key, no-stress kind of day (my favorite). I got up and went to get the boys some donuts. Drew went with me. He loves the fact that it has a drive through so he can go in his underwear. Oh the simple joys of being a kid. Ben polished off 1 1/2 glazed donuts. Drew gave me his gift since he was up first. At school, they made a tote bag (smaller one, not full sized) and it has thumb prints on it that were made into butterflies and flowers. It's very cute. He also did a little book where he wrote and colored pictures for me. I'll share it when I find it.

I hollered up at Josh (because I'm all classy like that) and frankly, if I'm getting up to get you donuts, the least you can do is get up to eat them with everyone. He came draggin' bootie down the stairs and then he and Drew brought in a huge vase of flowers for me... (again, pictures are forth coming - I have no computer right now capable of reading the flash cards).

Then I took the little guy to go lay down for a nap (it's important to nap after eating donuts, you know?)

Josh and Drew went swimming across the street. And what were my last words? "WEAR SUNSCREEN" and I told him where it was. Now, it's a day later and GUESS who is FRIED?! Yeah, that'd be Josh. And the dip$hit has a sun shirt. I bought him a white one to wear so he didn't get burned on the shoulders. I know that's mean but... Um... you kind of have it coming if you don't listen to mom, right?

I drove to meet my friend, Manny, who was going to attempt to fix the computer and then came home. I was intending to go try on some sandals as I have NO sandals. I wish I still had my Borns. I loved those shoes. Andy's old dog, Thor, peed all over them... and you can't just wash out the porous soles of the sandals so they were pitched. I was so pissed (no pun intended). So, until I get some sandals it's flip flops or not much else. Honestly, even though I didn't have a baby in tow, I wasn't in the mood to shop (shocker, huh?) so I just came home.

Andy's mom came by for about 10 minutes it seemed and then left.

We went to Fuddruckers (at my request) for lunch.

Exciting thing (I suppose) is that the Dallas Maverick's sweeped the LA Lakers. That's about all the current news I have. I guess sometimes watching TV would be a good thing, huh? I can honestly say that I haven't missed it one iota.

Saturday Drew's team went 10-0 and remains undefeated... Joshs' team held an undefeated team to the last inning and gave up 6 runs. It's sometimes so painful to watch. He's got another game tonight. Hopefully they'll have their A-game. I guess they all can't be winners. At least he's having fun, right? Ha!

I took Mom to eat at Red Lobster today for Mother's Day. Benji did great. I mean, he tossed every single thing he could get his hands on in the floor, but he did great. I love that he's much more portable now. Things are getting better.

My best friend, Christie, is finally getting rid of her parasite of a boyfriend and has moved onto greener pastures.... and for that, I am TRULY thankful. I hope that her ex's face winds up on the side of a milk box... he won't be missed.

We're into the final weeks of MOPS, school, Mom's League and baseball. Then, it's onto summer summer summertime! Wonder what kind of crazy trouble we can get into this summer?! :)

Stay tuned to find out.


chksngr said...

I'm staying tuned!!!:-0

Anonymous said...

Trouble huh?