Saturday, March 4, 2006

Heading Eastbound on I-20

I picked up Lisa... loaded her buggy in my car, dropped the boys off at my mom's for the first time Drew's ever really napped at someone's house and the first time she's ever watched him and we headed east on I-20 to Canton! Waaahooo hoooo... I was so excited to have some real girl time I don't think I shut up the entire time. It's so easy to get turned around out there that it's just crazy -- even after I got a map.

These chunky monkeys on their motorized scooters... get up and walk people! I know we should have sympathy/empathy for those who are physically challenged but exercise is good for the soul, muscles, waistline... so get up and WALK!!!!!

We kept finding this and that but both of our first purchases was a large bag of candied nuts -- pecans for Lisa, almonds for me (Andy got me hooked on those!)....

We wandered in and out of buildings... back and forth...around and around... until WOW... I found something I couldnt' live without.... BOOKS for the boys! LOL. Yeah, my first check was written to a book vendor. I found three cool NFL first reader books... I knew Andy would be proud!

I also bought three large tin canisters... large -- mucho grando! (sounds like a taco bell menu item huh?) and a really cool "thing" to hang on the wall... it's a shelf... has hooks and also has the decorative aluminum wall tiles... no idea how to explain it... you'll just have to see it!

She found what she was looking for... we did lots of looking... ate some lunch...and soon it was time to call it a day... we picked up the boys from my mom's...

Josh is at that stage where he loves to try to interject into every conversation regardless of whether he understands the subject matter or not. So we had lots of broken conversations.... and Josh trying to rat my mom out for trying to have Drew ride him like a horsey and he fell over the front of josh's shoulders onto his head on the ground (grass, not concrete)... no biggie... but he loves to tell! :)

Dropped Lisa and her goodies off and we headed back to the house... I was ready to lapse into a coma... But, I got some neat stuff... was way under my "limit"... and got some time was a good day.

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