Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dieting is HELL

Why is it that every important event throughout the year encompasses food -- it encourages over-indulgence -- it leaves those of us that find it too tempting with overwhelming feelings of guilt? Think about it...

January 1 - New Year's Day (well, this day is mostly spent popping asprin like they were tic tacs and telling everyone to SHHHHHHH while you're dragging butt around the house but the night before was full of food

Valentine's Day -- how's he to show you he loves you? Taking you out to a nice restaurant.... giving you a big ole box of chocolates. If you read between the lines that's almost like he's saying, here, take this 10 lb box of chocolate so that you'll gain 15 just from looking at it then you'll be so fat that you'll never leave me because you have no more self esteem TO leave.. MOOO ha ha ha ha ha!!! Naah... men aren't capable of comprehending that much into a gift are they? lol..

Mardi Gras - Now if THIS Isn't about over-indulgence -- I odn't know what the heck is!

Tax Day -- now yeah, most wouldn't think that this would be a day of over-indulgence but we all know how those stress eaters are... that's basically like giving them a front row seat at the local Corral restaurant! You KNOW it's gonna happen...that or the entire bag of Hershey's Kisses they'd bought for the candy jar at work will be nothing but remnants of foil packaging neatly rolled into little balls ready to flick at the computer screen when you see it says "taxes due".

Easter -- the big hooplah is all about the Easter dinner... easter brunch -- mostly buffet styles with very decadant desserts -- hmm... wonder if I've made my reservations yet. :)

Mother's Day -- you'll usually get a dinner / cake / big lunch / breakfast in bed.. SOMETHING but it has to do with sweets or food

Memorial Day -- yep, it's SUPPOSED to be about remembering those... but we turn it into a back yard BBQ/beerfest. YEEE HAWWWWW

July 4 -- backyard BBQ

Father's Day -- (see mother's day above) -- this is usually more elaborate because it's planned by a woman however. :)

Labor Day -- see Memorial Day above

Oktoberfest -- Bratwurst and Beer -- a drunk heart attack... yeah buddy!

Sweetest Day -- does youre sweetie really even observe this?

Halloween -- candy candy candy -- and you KNOW you're only buying the crap you'd eat yourself -- which means you buy it WAYYYY too early and then have to buy more because by the time the 31st rolls around, it's all gone.

Thanksgiving -- this is just a given...bunch of stuffed turkeys snoring through football.

and then, of course,

Christmas.... again, all about the meal..

Our lives are intricately entwined in this love/hate relationship with food...and when you're on some stinking point system dictating the guilt of every morsel that passes between your lips, it literally sucks ALL of the joy out of eating. Eating used to be a pleasurable, exciting, multi-sensoral experience for me and now, it's just like... I guess I'll eat that. blech. It royally SUCKS... all of those low cal frozen dinners.. SUCK... everything coming from a restaurant... good GRIEF it's like more than DOUBLE the points of what I'm allowed in an ENTIRE DAY! So what's a girl to do? Drink lots of water, eat my greens... and just shut the hell up until I"m back down to 120. Right? Just sucks the joy out of my day. I used to like food... now I just look at things and think of numbers and guilt. is it better to just be fat and happy? I don't think there's such a thing. Because if I just eat what I want... then I'm depressed because I haven't lost the weight from Drew.... if I can't eat what I want, I'm depressed because everything is so freakin limited... so I guess right now, it's just the downward spiral of depression because you have to eat to live... but I'm sick of tasteless, tree bark, and fat free burritos... there's only so much one person can take? How in the hell do these women DO IT?!

And then you've got those women like Rachael Ray -- little hooker -- cooking online and saying "everything's betta with buttah" -- well, yeah, who the heck DOESN'T just love cooking with butter, but no, you're not supposed to use THAT... use olive oil or canola oil or something else that is an acquired taste... don't use butter... and use REAL cheese... she says it's a healthy meal -- ??? if you added up points -- points points points freakin POINTS! I hate points! -- I"ll bet they'd just top the entire day's consumption in one meal.

At MOPS on Wednesday, Shauna gave me a website.... it's a fellow WW enthusiast who's gone through and put nutritional data from zillions of restaurants on her website so you can see just how bad eating out really is...

Here's some examples of the poitns MY favorite meals have:

Macaroni Grill - Pasta Milano - 27
Macaroni Grill - Caesar Salad - 8

La Madeliene - Tomato Basil Soup - 7.5
La Madeliene - Chicken Friand w/mushroom sauce - 12.5
La Madeliene - Strawberry Napoleon - 13.5

McDonalds - Big Mac - 14
McDonalds - Fries (sm/med/lg) 5/10/12
McDonalds - Bacon/Egg/Cheese biscuit - 14

Oh... and I get 20 points PER DAY.... I could go on but you now see how depressing eating can be. I'm going ot go stare at the cheetoes in the pantry... back later

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