Thursday, March 2, 2006

2 Percentage Points up!

Dr. appt today at 10am. His weight curve is on its way up again... YEA! He went from the 23rd to the 25th percentile in weight. Maybe he WILL eat again. The doc did say to grind up what he won't eat and put it in his foods. So, I guess he won't LEARN to eat veggies, he'll just be tricked into it.

We drove up to Andy's work to say hi and let Drew see him before naptime (and to KILL time) and he seems to gravitate towards William at the office because he's always got food (snacks) so what was his snack? Oh, try about 1/3 a bag of chili cheese fritos!?! This kid won't eat a hotdog but he'll eat a freakin bag of chili cheese fritos? What the heck is up with THAT!?! It's maddening I tell ya!

He started calling me Mohh--yeeeee instead of mama... and Andy is Daaaaaayeeee instead of Dada. Josh is "joh-shaw" I have got to get some camcorder tapes to catch these cute little nuggets of personality that won't stick around long! Andy started teaching him "get yer guns up" (Texas Tech)... who KNOWS what he says then... and he's got a double barrel finger gun b/c he can't quite master the pistol. LOL.

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