Friday, March 10, 2006

It's so hard to say goodbye...

Today is the day Josh leaves... he becomes so introspective on these days... so quiet... so depressed. He hates going to his sitter's house up there and always fears he will have to. He hates leaving home and cries... sometimes uncontrollably for extended periods of times only interrupted when he realizes he needs a tissue. It's so hard to witness your little ones in emotional pain.

I go through my own sort of depression but have to keep the positive, mommy face on. I tell him I'm so sad when he leaves but the sooner he goes, the faster he comes back and that I know he'll have a great time and get to see his family up there and then he can come back home to reality. I think he wants me to be sad with him ... maybe he thinks if I"m not sad like him that I won't be missing him... it's so sad.

Andy took him to the airport.. I don't do real well with them (always cry)... he even got to walk him on the plane this time. How fun was that... AND his bag didn't make it AGAIN... I swear the airlines are SO .... there's no word for it...but it's true that the bigger you get... the worse your customer service is because you're too big to please your customers and also to big to care.

Drew and I spent the morning at a neighborhood St. Patty's Day Party... it was fun. I ran into quite a few of my neigbors... Drew was overdue for a nap so we left a little early... but it was a good distraction. :)

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