Thursday, March 9, 2006

Open House with cow poop

It's that time of year again when the schools stay open late to showcase your kiddo's hard work and learning you can feel like your tax dollars are really benefitting something in the grand scheme of thigns (ok, unless your kid is in private school like me but you get the point). It was open house at schools across the area....

I took Josh... fresh from T-ball practice. He wrote a book and the front and back covers were laminated... it was about his Robot and him... it's funny to read that and his journal because everything he writes he puts "I like ____(insert noun here)____ but my mom doesn't" It was such a consistent pattern, I felt the need to inquire about whether he just thinks I dont like anything. I think maybe it's just a sentence he's familiar with so it's good journaling fodder. Wow, 6 years old and already using repetitive fodder! lol whoda thunk it

Then we get to see his salt map project. I took one look and said... is that a cowpoop? He looked at me slowly with the "who farted look" on his face and said... no mom, it's a mountain. LOL... I was laughing so hard and said.. I'm sorry... I didn't read it... you did a great job on your mountin there big boy! LOL... I think this will be one of those little projects that you just say... SMILE... take that photo and send it to file 13! :) I love him but giant cow turds made of salt really aren't my idea of a keepsake. :)

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