Sunday, March 5, 2006

Obligatory Parenting Things

It's one of the things you're just required to do as a parent...take your kid from party to party to party so that when it's your turn to play hostess, everyone returns the favor and comes to your party. It's the obligatory birthday party. Normally, honestly, I just hate them. I run on such a tightly wound spring anyhow but to have to endure sittingon my butt doing nothing for 2-3 hours just eats me alive. I just keep thinking of all the thigns I SHOULD be doing or I COULD be doing but alas... isn't life all about the kids? HECK NO!'s about ME! Aren't we the ones that routinely mutter -- I brought you into this world and by God, I can tak you out of it too? Oh.... you don't say that? Well then... a-hem... me neither!

So, we get there... and good GRIEF has she outdone herself...we are all (we, the other non-hostessing moms) saying - I'll never even try to TOUCH this one... there was a petting zoo (goats, sheep, rabbit, some kind of fluffy hen), horse rides, hay rides, karoke, face painting, bounce house, make your own sundaes, a pinata, food... all the food... and beer, it was so over the top! We were all just like... holy cow batman! So towards the end of the night Sherry and I just sat down and tickled each other's funnybones for about the last hour... I"m sure the rest of the place thought we were single-handedly cleaning out the cooler of beer but alas... we were not... I didn't even finish one. Now, Sherry had 2... maybe 3...but we were just having such a fantastic time! We've definitely got to go out! Love that girl... just a freakin hoot! and in 10 years.. if I look that darn good... I'll be wearing a bikini at the grocery store! LOL...

Got home... Andy had found a snake and kept it on the driveway for Josh to see... he thought it was the coolest thing ever and what did he do? He played croc hunter and just picked that puppy up by his tail and held him. NO FEAR I tell ya..the kid has NO FEAR!

Josh had a cute face painting... flames... He thought he was so cool... (well, he IS.. he is MY son afterall!) :)

So Yeeee Haww... that was a GREAT party! :) Even if I had more fun than a lot of the kids. :)

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