Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Son -- A True Headbanger

We started off the morning with a bang -- literally -- of his head on the changing table. Ouch... wipe it off and move on! I made a hearty breakfast... biscuits and gravy, grapes, juice and milk. To quote my kitchen diva -- Yum-O! But alas, it was not worthy of Captain Pampers.... oh no... he acted as if that pile of stuff before him was suitable only for "Boo Boo" or "door" (Boomer and Thor, the dogs). So I let him get down from his high chair and about 20 minutes later, we tried again only this time the food DID wind up on the floor for the dogs. Oh well. So down we went again. And about 20 minutes I gave in (or so I thought) and gave him some Gerber oatmeal with a jar of fruit stirred in (this was usually what he preferred)... and he proceeded to give himself an oatmeal facial and hair treatment... He had a great time feelign the goo squeeze between his fingers... rub it all over the high chair arms... tray... back... OH yes, we had quite a lot of oatage going on. So, to the tub we went. Got him cleaned up... went downstairs because it was my turn for some liquid bubbles!

Gathering up a huge tub of toys to keep him occupied as I showered, I spread them around on the floor but what was his toy of choice? The buttons on the TV and VCR of course... or chasing the dogs with his plastic sword.... (why don't they like kids? I haven't the faintest idea?!) Got that finished and we headed out to Little Gym.

Things were going great until she broke out the balls. They have ethese fantastically soft balls that the kids love to play with. Drew was playing like it was a soccer ball and ran SMACK into the wall face first. Talk about a rude awakening. So, scoop him up with hugs and kisses... and let him go.... running head first into a kiddo, not once..but TWICE! I think this was because his refusal to eat breakfast... he was so tired...and had no energy..that he was just a walking zombie. So,w e went home, fed him a good snack... an entire banana and 4 crackers with peanut butter... a big glass of milk and we had a great nap.

He woke up with lots of little bumps on his head but I guess that how they learn. So after today's ordeal -- He is DEFINITELY a headbanger!

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