Saturday, February 25, 2006

In a rainy, foggy funk

I've been in a funk all day. I think it's just the rain... PMS... not getting a break from this place ever. I mean, seriously, is a trip to the grocery store a "break"? I don't think so. It's a freakin whippin... a chore. I need a break. Just lots of nothing and quiet. I'd love to go away for a weekend and just stay in my pj's and read and do NOTHING! : ) I'd love to sleep in two days in a row... just come back refreshed and relaxed. It'd be a dream.

Drew and I went to see Mimi and Pop today. He had a great time over there. He has no problems now and just looks at me and says "bye bye mama" ... until I said, "I'm not leaving." we hung out for an hour or so just to spend some time there. Josh is with my mom in Irving. They went to Toys R Us today to spend his gift certificate he got from his Uncle Russell and Aunt Paula for Christmas.... and his booty? He got a new skateboard (oh greaaaaaaaaaaaaat) Josh has a friend on the street that has one so now he thinks HE needs one. His friends has roller blades too... wonder when that will be on the list... he can't skate good yet... think the blades will need to wait! They're kind of hard to figure out...and whoever the genius was that decided to put the break on the back of only ONE skate is a real rocket scientist... i mean, yeah, you're going Mach 10 down a hill and need to stop by leaning one foot BACK...what does that do? It puts you in a spin and about Mach 7.... that'll make you have some graceful bruises on your backside! (Trust me, this woman speaks from experience).

Andy's out with friends again this night... that's twice in the last couple of weeks... what have I done? Oh... nothing. but I'm just not in the mood to... I just have no will do to much of anyything right now. :( I'm in a funk. It's 10 on a Saturday night and I'm home alone with the remote control... oh what a fun life I have. Sigh.

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