Monday, February 20, 2006

I Ya Ya Ni Ni

Those were the last words I heard tonight from my little man. When I tucked him into bed... lay his little head on the fleece liner that will keep him snuggly wuggly... pull his blue silky blanket up beside him.... show him where all 5 of his binkies are so he can choose the perfect one for his bedtime switch-a-roo ritual (where you give him one but he wants to pick the one HE wants to suck on)... show him his duck and bunny to snuggle with and then ultimately pull up his blanket, turn on his aquarium to that all familiar bubble music... and watch him turn ever so slightly onto his side... I said... I love you... and he repeated I ya ya.... and then I said... night night... and he said... ni ni.... and rolled over a little more.

My days may be mass hysteria, loud, chaotic, but in the calm of the mundane, I find these little nuggets of ... wow... these moments simply take my breath away.

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