Sunday, February 12, 2006

Do they really make jeans to fit curvy women?

I hate shopping now. I'll admit it. I was once a shop-a-holic. I got a high everytime you hear the beep beep beep of the UPC codes being read by the little laser scanner. But now, I HATE shopping. Is it because of my ever-constant companion who won't let me try on more than one thing without going into "I hate sitting in this flipping stroller and you're not moving me" mode? Possibly. What about the fact taht after squeezing out a freakin watermelon -- or as Robin Williams puts it -- it's like a wet St. Bernard coming through the cat door -- yeah, this 10 lb little kill-joy (just kidding -- well, some of the time) has completely ruined my figure! So, I've decided to (when he's better) go back to the gym, starve myself and get back to skinny! Hey, I'll be a healthy anorexic... I fully intend to take a multivitamin! I'm so sick of all the clothing makers making everything for little waif chicks. Do they not realize that women with curves want cute jeans too? I don't want to have to break out the Huskys! Come on! I went to the Gap... my 10s (transition jeans from having a baby) are too big and the 8's are too .. well, they didn't have any in the style I wanted so I tried a different style. Which, obviously I didn't like or I wouldn't have been writing this. Can't they come up with a transitional 9 for me? :) It only seems fair -- especially if they're going to hav ethose big ole 12's and 14's and 16s! I think a 9 is just a small thin gto ask for!

I got the boys something for their photos this week. :) I never had Josh's 6 year photo taken... and he's going to turn 7 in a couple of months... and Drew will get his 18 month photo. :) And of course, my cute pictures of them together. Love those.

I also went to see my good friend Travis. He lost his mom last year... beautiful lady. It's so hard to see someone you care about have a broken spirit from having a piece of them missing. I helped him move some furniture around his new house so that it looked liveable (why do men always want to put everything just on the perimeter of the wall? I just don't get it.) I hope I helped him know that he is loved and cared for. That he is important... that his friends can be family -- even though not related by blood. I can't even imagine the feelings of going through your most loved, most treasured person's belongings... knowing that they're not here anymore. It just breaks my heart. T -- you're in my prayers... you're such a special person... don't let anything keep you down like this. You're better than that and you know your beautiful Mama wouldn't want it to break you down. Chin up and live for today! I love you and tomorrow is another day. Have strength in God because there is nothing he won't give you that you can't handle. And if you need to reach out to a friend to get you through something... that's why we're all in one another's lives. Remember that!

Sigh... off to watch Desperate Housewives.
Peace out

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