Friday, February 17, 2006

Don't like the weather? Wait a couple of hours...

It's unbelievable the things Mother Nature can send us -- tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, heat waves... and then there's the balmy summer-like conditions we've been having (sunny, slight breeze, 80's) and then she thought she'd mix it up a bit and LOW and behold, it's 35 degrees outside with a chance of wintery weather?! What the heck is going on out there? If people weren't sick before, this shock to their system surely will make them that way. Good GRIEF Charlie Brown!

I'm supposed to go to my Uncle Leon's graveside memorial this morning but I'm not sure I'm going to take my 19 month old out into this cold for that... just don't think it'd be fair to him since he's just getting over a cold.

We're also supposed to go to a birthday party for my cousin's little man -- he's turning THREE! But with bad weather possible, I just don't even think I want to go out in it so we may just be homebodies this weekend.

I know Josh will because since being in a tad bit of trouble for continually losing his star at school and just being really apathetic about it, he's grounded -- from sugary sweets, gum, television he wants to watch (the TV can still be on if someone ELSE is watching it), playing with his friends, video games.... so he's going to have to earn those back...but is still getting a minimum of 1 butt paddle for lying today. I don't do well with lying... talking in class... I can forgive and forget... you lie.. you pay. Being a parent just is hard... but not as hard as that paddle! Hopefully it'll be a wake up call to just tell the truth. Kids just lie about the weirdest things... I gave him like 4 opportunities to make better and say "I'm kidding" but he finally fessed up that he was lying. UGH...OK Pinocchio... bend over... this is going to hurt me worse than it hurts you! Is that like... cannibalism for wooden dummies -- if you smack a wooden boy with a wooden paddle?

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