Thursday, February 16, 2006


Hold onto your seat folks, he's at it again. Captain Pampers (a.k.a. Drew) refused his breakfast once again. He's so hungry but when he sits in his highchair, and surveys the spread, he looks up at me with this "you think I'm gonna eat that" look and I'm like... yes... eat. He pushes it around with his fork before waving his arms and professing his "aaahh daaah" (all done). He was given biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs with ham slivers covered in melted cheese -- a breakfast suitable for a king! Did he eat it? Heck no, he didn't touch a single bite. Little toot!

We have lots of errands to run so I get ready and get him strapped in his car seat, start up the car and it sounds and runs like a crank-um-up-jalopy. So, I immediately drove it to the dealership. I'm like... charge me extra to upgrade my rental -- I do NOT want a car so, my rental? A freakin H3! How cool is that?... love these big mean cars. I need one!!! Okay... "need" is a bit much but it's so freakin cool! Love it! I'm in an H3 but I'd rather have an H2. I like that they're wide enough for THREE carseats (should I require one)... hee hee... and still have cargo room to spare! My Envoy needs to be a little bigger... and a dvd player! :)

But, on the way home, after the entire car chug-a-lug episode and the hummer pick up, it was late, lunchtime, naptime so I stopped at those beckoning golden arches and got drew 2 things -- a 4 pc chicken nugget and a cheeseburger (forgot to say hold the onion)... so I get home and he starts eating chicken nuggets? Good GRIEF Charlie Brown it's about time. He ate 3 chicken nuggets! Not a "meal" but it's a start. He didn't touch the cheeseburger... oh well... at least I figured out SOMEHTING he'd eat! He loves french fries but he didn't get any of those until the nuggets were gone. :) He only got 4 fries.

Tonight is the visitation for Uncle Leon. UGH... I hate stuff like this but will definitely go. He was such a sweet old guy. I'll go running around, too, to get the birthday presents for Sterling, Gabe and there's something else I was supposed to do... hmm... don't remember (shocker)

--- later today

OK... so I took my car the H3. Feeling all sassy driving such a mean machine until I get the call from the dealership. Bad news. Mice apparently chewed up the wires in my car. It has nothing to do with the fact that two weeks ago I went through a brushless carwash with the gas cap off and the freakin door wide open. What a total bonehead move right? I was sure that I'd fried my first and only favorite car I'd ever owned. Who waits until they're 33 to screw up a car? That's something you do when you're 16 trying to put on makeup, change a tape and drive at the same time while talking to your best friend about your ex boyfriend and the ugly breakup as you stuff french fries from McDonalds in your mouth. No, I never did that but I've heard it's happened before. Hee hee...So the damage... $200. Ok... $200 fix it. She said, that's just if it's this one section... if they've gone deeper into the manifold (or something like that -- I don't speak "car") then they'll have to remove the entire engine and that'll be quite expensive so at this point -- hope for the best and she'd get back with me. Two hours later, she calls back with more bad news... yes, the mice have apparently made a nest in my engine... dogfood stored up for the winter and all. :) Nice huh? Chewed all the way through (the wires) and oh yeah, try the battery cables too. The total price tag (so far) oh try ... abotu a grand (that's inclusive of the $300 30K mile tune up it was getting. So, Andy has declared war -- as we didn't even realize we HAD A MOUSE PROBLEM! I'm just so horked off those freakin little bastards have taken up fort in my vehicle. I'm going to park on the street from now on! UGH!#~@#~

On another note, went to the funeral home... saw some family (not sure who they all were...but they were family none the less)... saw Uncle Norman (had wisdom teeth out today and is swollen like a chipmunk -- poor dude) and Aunt Bobbie, Dad, Mom, Estelle (used to be Bumpass but I don't know her new married name) and some of her kinfolk. It's just going to be a simple graveside service tomorrow... oh, and did mention the weather...tomorrow's high is going to be 38 degrees... possibly rainy.. ick. So, depending on that we will or won't go to the funeral. IT's at 11 am (Drew's naptime) so we will just really have to see. I was glad to see quite a few people there. I know that Uncle Leon is happier now. He really was so lost without Aunt Ruth by his side.... I guess once you find that special person in your life, it's just not worth living without them. YOu're just existing... not living. I Hope that as I grow and experience more in life that I touch many people so that when my time comes, it's a true large celebration of life... it makes you realize how humbling death is... how fragile life is... how much we take for granted... and how we want our matters handled in the end. I hadn't seen Uncle Leon in quite some time... years... but I thought of him all the time when I'd gone back through pictures... he was truly a hoot. I remember him fondly... and I guess all I can say is that is how I'd like to be remembered too, so we're okay.

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