Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wake Up Sleepyhead! Death to Murphy!

After talking with Josh's teacher... he's apparently FALLING ASLEEP IN CLASS... ok, maybe not THAT bad but he's saying he's tired, putting his head down on the desk and she's having to coax him to sit up straight, breathe and get himself alive and kickin' again. Maybe I should give him a Red Bull before breakfast?

She did say it was especially bad on Thursdays -- and that's probably because he's not in bed until around 9:30 on those days because we've been going to AWANA. So, until I can keep it from affecting his school day, AWANA is no more. I'm hoping a 7:30 bedtime will curb this and he can again go to AWANA because he really loves it. If they could just start at 6:00 instead of 6:30, I think that'd make all the difference in the world! UGH...

Dad came over and we picked up Josh and Jackson from school and then Dad took Josh to Mi Pueblo for some post-Valentine sopapilla (sp?)...they make them THE BEST! They're hot and covered with cinnamon sugar and caramel... mmmm... I gain 10 lbs just thinking about them. I was feeling like death warmed over so I didn't go (not that my arse needed a sopapilla anyway)! I can smell those and just think... you know, I just might as well sit on it and rub it in b/c if I eat it, that's right where it's gonna go! So, thank God for small favors like a sinus infection. Josh nearly ate 2! So he had a pure sugar rush for a little while afterwards...which was why I couldn't get him to lay down and take a nap. I knew he needed it. But good grief, he would NOT be still. I was about to go postal... Between him laughing and shaking the entire bed every time Drew said something and he heard it thru the monitor or kicking his feet, patting the bed, tossing and turning I'd finally had enough and said... ok... that's it... get out... next time you're sick and need to lie down, you're going out to run laps! UGH. I'm so not friendly when I am sick and need sleep. Drew kicked and talked and screamed and whined and babbled and clapped from about 3:45 to 4:20 then he crashed out. Why is it when you NEED sleep there is just no opportunity for it but when you don't really need it, you just have every opportunity but no reason to just lie down? I hate Murphy's Law and how my life rotates around it. Freakin Murphy... one of these days I'm going to hunt him down!

We got ready, took Drew over to Mimi and Pop's house. He's so funny now... he used to cry and pitch a fit being left over there... now when we drive up he's literally trying to pry himself out of his car seat just saying over and over and over Mimi Pop... Mimi Pop... Mimi Pop (get the idea?) yeah, it's annoying. :) He runs across the grass, up the path... grunts for you to pick him up to ring the doorbell then he knocks and stands there until someone opens the door and he looks up, smiles and runs in. Before it was like trying to pass off a Tasmanian devil... now he's like... Oh, you're leaving? Don't let the door hit ya in the butt on the way out!

BUT... while there... he ATE! An entire PB&J sandwich, 1/2 a mini pizza and an entire cup of vanilla pudding. So, we'll see how tomorrow goes.

Criz called me before we went into church... Uncle Leon passed away. He was old, sick and just tired of living. The men in our family really just don't know what to do without the women in their lives. He was never the same after Aunt Ruth died. I'm glad they're together again. They need one another. God bless you Uncle Leon.... I hope you're a happy man now.

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