Thursday, February 9, 2006

Do all styles REALLY come back "in style"

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the most fashion forward type of girl. I tend to stick with the pieces of clothing that fit me best and look best on me. I've never been so overly concerned with the trends, but why some fashion trends re-emerge as "new" just floors me year after year.

Currently, my son attends a private school. May of the parents there are well-to-do. Many of the moms there are older than I am. Many of their fashion decisions have been over-ridden with the need to fit in and be trendy. When does keeping up with the Jones' DAUGHTER become so important? When do we as women realize that OUR age needs to be accounted for at least half of our fashion making decisions? There is a boy whose mom (I'm assuming? she could be a grandma? who really knows) picks him up and the other day she was sporting trendy jeans with a decorative sparkly motif on the thigh and down the leg made from rhinestones/sequins, high heeled black pointy toed boots, a tucked in white button up dress shirt with a black short sleeved sweater over it and a hip hugging chain link belt that hung down in two lengths on one side to mid thigh. She literally was a complete fashion nightmare. It's like that age-old question -- when you're losing you KNOW you're losing it or do you just feel like everyone ELSE is? I think the same scenario is mirrored here. When you're getting on up there in age... do you REALIZE that you shouldn't shop in the junior's department? If this woman had purchased something simple and tasteful from say, Ann Taylor, she could still be trendy and fun but would have been much more tailored to her age and wouldn't age her further by making it appear as a weak attempt to "fit in". I just don't "get it".

Why is this even on my mind? Oh tonight is a mixer at a local martini bar and I don't have a thing to wear. But why do I care? I guess because I still want to look nice... so yes, I'll trek out and find something fun to buy (that's the only reason I find TO shop now is these once a month shin digs), butwill it be from the junior department? Heck no.

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