Saturday, April 8, 2006

The Boys Night Out - Part II

Our neighbor across the street, Todd asked Andy and Josh to a Mav's game for tonight so I painted Josh's hair blue... and then Austin's hair blue. They had a great time... screaming for every 2 point shot that was made. He came home with a Dirk jersey. He's very proud of that shirt -- and should be... who pays $35.99 for a jersey for a SIX YEAR OLD? LOL... Andy sent me pictures on my phone of Josh when the Mavs dancers came on the floor.. he leaned back in his chair and covered his eyes. Funny -- he has no problem watching MY boobs bounce around! LOL... but not pretty young girls? What's wrong with this kid?!

Hit the grocery store and got wine and stuff for a wonderful caesar salad to go with the Italian spread and then we hit the Cheesecake Factory for dessert (I hate anything italian desert related so gotta try the CF stuff -- it's new... it's in Southlake and by cracky -- I wanted some!) OOOOH... it's good... the freakin line was like 35-40 minutes long... JUST to get cheesecake TO GO!?! Evening was great -- ate too much though... GOOD wine! :) Great... GREAT... night... Everyone needs a night with a Passion Par-TAY! ROFL... woo hoo! ROFL... Wanna break out the Keno anyone?


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