Thursday, April 6, 2006

Missing MOPS - GNO

I got an incredible sinus infection and missed mops. Drew seems to be the little germ incubator of the house... coupled with the fact that he likes to chew on everyone's toothbrushes, it's a wonder we don't all stay sick. If you can't find Drew... just count to ten and then walk to my bathroom... you'll usually find him crouched by either wall that's nearest the toothbrush drawers. When you catch him... he hurries to cram everything he's drug out that is now laying on the mats back into the drawers and slams the drawers shut. It's actually funny. He's so like "I didn't do it... you didn't see me do it". So... needless to say, from him gnawing on my toothbrush like a mental patient, I'm sure that's where the sinus infection came from... he had one a few days before. I don't see how you can have a nose that is so stuffy... yet still running. Makes you literally want to stick a cork in it and just forget about it. So... take drugs and go to Game Works! Yes.. it was a night out for the momma! Game Works. I love blowing up aliens and speeding into safety rails on racing games! I SOOO suck at racing but I can kick just about anybody's butt blowing up aliens! Give me a beer and a gun...and just back away slowly! HA! I love nights out... feel alive again. Got home a little late tho... gotta let the brewskies wear off. I'm always the safe one. Sigh... oh to be old and responsible!

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