Sunday, April 16, 2006

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Woke up this morning... got the boys ready wearing their spiffy long-sleeved Gap shirts with the cuffs rolled up.. khaki shorts... and sandles. They both looked so handsome! :) Loved it. We gathered up the kids, the eggs, the cameras and headed to Mimi and Pop's. When we got there Drew was about to pry himself out of the car to go see "MIMI POP MIMI POP MIMI POP" he didn't even bother to walk around the flower beds... he just plowed right through them. We got inside and Mimi told Josh that they'd just got in from church and wasn't sure if the Easter Bunny had come yet or not to go check... he opened the back door and got a huge smile on his face... I got some great shots of the boys... Drew had it DOWN man... after the test run egg hunt at Mimi's the previous Saturday... he had it DOWN man. Egg... slam dunk! They cleaned house! M&M's ... mini chocolate bars... money... Josh found MONEY>.. he started checking all the eggs and if they didn't have money in it.. he was putting them BACK! LOL talk about a kid on a mission

I'm sure Drew now thinks that every time he's at Mimi and Pop's that he will be there to go on an egg hunt in the back yard! :) Wonder if I fill them with green beans, corn, carrots, raisins, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pasta, mac n cheese.. if he'd be as excited about them! LOL..

Mimi made a feast! There was ham, a corn casserole, asparagus, potato salad, crescent rolls... it was all so good! I ate too much (of course) and wound up with the hiccups! I hate when I overeat -- I ALWAYS get the hiccups!

The rest of the day...we came home and let Drew nap... then me and the boys went to Irving to see grandma and say happy easter to her too. We took her to Red Lobster. Josh rode with her in the Corvette -- pulled up beside me and said "we're riding in style"....LOL>..well, sorry my mom bucket isn't "in style" LOL...but it gets me where I need to go! The vette looks better now that I'm a little older... I still remember her telling me that she wasn't going to leave me the vette in her will because it was "too much car for me". LOL... oh good GRIEF! I just told her... it's your stuff... not mine... do what you want with it... I don't care... still don't. I never understood why people go ape shit over one another's belongings. I mean... it wasn't yours... really isn't... who cares... what they want to do with their stuff... is up to THEM... you have no proprietary rights to anyhing so get over it. The only thing I can say that I'd have any sort of sentimental attachment to is photos... or anything that is from my grandmothers that was passed down. Otherwise, it's all just mom's stuff and I'd just do with it whatever she wanted done with it. Materialism is such an unfashionable quality. My ex-sister-in-law, Susan told me once of how her relatives got in a fist fight at her grandmother's FUNERAL over her stuff... how classy huh? I'd never see that happening at my family's.. speaking of which... I need to finish my will. UGH...

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