Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Straight from the horse's mouth -- Punctuality!

My housecleaning service is consistent at being inconsistent. I guess that's the price you pay when the same person doesn't come clean your house every week. It's aggravating because I need to leave by certain times on certain days... and after specifically telling them this repeatedly... they are never there on time. This morning was no exception. I waited until 9:20 and finally just left. I was paying for Drew to be at Mother's Day Out from 9-12 and if they're eating into my time... I was now going ot miss my gym class and just be screwed out of all my free fun time to just do nothing or anything... that and MDO is the same price if you drop them off at 10 or 9... so I'd rather get my money's worth! It's aggravating!!! DAAYYYUUUUMMM!

Then we go to the t-ball game at 6pm... I'm about to strangle these kids! LOL... (in a good way)... I think they all snuck into the Easter candy before coming to the game because they were literally climbing the chain link dugout! Then my mother-in-law comes and motions to me to get out of there...Drew's sobbing so I'm like.. Uh OH! Apparently, he got his hand a little too close to a horse's mouth and it tried to take the tip off his middle finger.... it's pretty gnarly and bloody. I've been bitten by a horse many times... it hurts...but it's not life threatening. I had a little first aid kit and took him back to the car.. and when the boo boo was covered up with a bandaid and some antiseptic ointment... wow... he was a little better. I think he just got himself all worked up that he couldn't calm down so after the game there was no way I was going to be able to go to eat burgers with them afterwards. :( But, I couldn't not let the COACH go with the ones that WERE going because the baby was whining... sometimes this role really stinks... but when they give you the unsolicited "eye ya ya" (I love you)... you really do get the gushy feelings... wish those were more than the "I want to lock you in the closet" feeling! LOL.. KIDDING!

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