Monday, April 10, 2006

Running on empty

Got a few favors called in today which I was more than happy to oblige -- because that is what friends are for! I had a GCSML playgroup this morning at Erica's so I drove to her house (a little farther than I thought)... it was Michelle's last playgroup before moving to Denver! :( She's just so sweet. I'm SO jealous because I'd love to move back to Colorado... would do it in a heartbeat! Erica's house is so bright and cheery! Love the layout. She lucked out with a backyard... many of the homes in her area are ZERO lot line.. in teh front AND the back. It's complete surburbia! I'm SO done with suburbia. I want a view.... and land... and to have to drive a tractor to mow the grass!

So, I left the playdate and went to take Raquel to the airport. Her dad wasn't doing so well... he had congestive heart failure with an enlarged heart to begin with... over spring break moved to Alabama to live with her sister and shortly therafter was involved in a head-on collision... all his organs begain to fail so she flew out there to say her final goodbyes. :( I miss spending time with her...she's so fun!

Then drove to Flower Mound... stopped by the Drew some grub... (no sleep)... I held up the wall... picked up the boys from school... Lisa asked me to keep Jackson at the house because she had to take her new puppy to the vet -- she thought he had parvo -- her fears were right but she didn't want Jackson to go with her because he was sensitive to that sorta thing...SO... of COURSE I kept him at the house until she was done. She came by to pick him up and they went home. Drew was finally down for a nap so it was time to just chill for a bit inside since I'd been running around like a chicken with my head cut off all day!

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