Friday, April 7, 2006

The Boys Night Out

Took the boys to Adventure Playcare and went to Southlake Town Square... bought a couple of new bras. Whoopie doo right? WRONG! I went from a 36D to a 34DD. There is just some stigma with DD to me and it just freaks me out! Wonder who came up with the standard for bras anyway... weird-o! The GAP changed the style of my favorite jeans (I'm SO PISSED)... so now I have NO favorite jeans! I have to go find some SOMEWHERE! If I lose anymore weight -- lost 20 lbs so far...down to a size 8! WOO HOO... I'll be in a 6 again before summer! I just feel it!... anyways... if I lose anymore weight... I won't know what kind of jeans to wear! I've always had a bootie and hips... those jsut aren't going away and really, everyone makes jeans for waify chicks --- which even at 120 lbs, I am not. SOooo.... the race is ON to find the perfect jean for me! Went and had a couple of Coronas at Mi Cocina, ate a few nachos and hit the road.

Got the boys from APC and Josh just raved about what a great time he had and wants to go back every Friday night. LOL... goofy kid!

I wasn't going to do anything b/c I was supposed to go out with my girlfriend, Raquel, as they were having a "white trash" party for her (dinner, drinks, bowling) but their shin dig got started late (8 pm) which is when the boys needed to be in bed... I hadn't gotten a sitter from having the sinus infection..being on drugs that REALLLLY upset my stomach... So.... wouldn'dt have been great company anyways.

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